Corporate History

A-T at Babcock T-Building

A-T ARMATUREN-TECHNIK GMBH is a manufacturer of high pressure controls. Our turbine bypass valves, control valves, gate valves and preheater bypass units are world wide implemented in power plants, industrial plants and steam constructions aswell as in process engineering.

At the beginning of 1995, A-T ARMATUREN-TECHNIK GMBH was founded by former senior technical and commercial staff immediately after the bankruptcy of the worldwide known company C.H. Zikesch GmbH from Duisburg, Germany. This company had been more than 45 years a leading manufacturer in the field of custom-built high pressure valves. These valves were designed and produced according to customer specifications.

Because of technological innovation and development, A-T ARMATUREN-TECHNIK GMBH rised to the top of the market for high pressure valves. This includes a particularly silent Steam Conditioning Valve and a Steam Conditioning Valve with ultra-fast temperature control.

The cooperation with HP Valve Engineering GmbH, which took place on the first of September 1998 strengthened the market position of A-T ARMATUREN-TECHNIK GMBH. HP Valve Engineering GmbH was set up like A-T by former employees of C.H. Zikesch GmbH in 1982 due to a relocation from Wesel to Duisburg.

High pressure valves from AT-ARMATUREN-TECHNNIK GMBH accords to the german Quality Management DIN ISO 9001 standards. Manufactured in the Babcock Leistungszentrum, Oberhausen, Germany, other areas of additional rules and regulations flow into the production as required.