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from the beginning of the year 1995, A-T raised up to the worldwide most important supplier of HP bypass units and super heated steam gate valves for  power plants applications. Actual projects can be considered at important fairs occuring annually, like the Industrial Automation Show in China or the Valve World Exposition in Germany. Power plant operators appreciate the more than 40 years old experience of A-T engineers who guarantee a reliable operation of minimum 99.2 %.

A-T valves are manufactured regarding the strict regulations of the German Industrial Safety Authority wich ensure an operation time of minimum 25 years. During this operation time A-T maintains a closed contact to customers according to the after sales services. The given feedback information constantly improves the design of high pressure valves and ensures an extreme steady operation. Stress tests are simulated by computational fluid dynamics and data analysis which influences the construction directly.

So we are looking forward to convince you with optimal solutions to your best satisfaction.

Fairs and Expositions

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