Project implementation

A-T project management
A-T Project Management

6 steps leading to success:

  1. Your Enquiry is processed by accurate intake and documentation of customer requirements following the regulations of DIN EN ISO 9001.
  2. Within the Planning, we ensure by choosing calculation methods, dimensioning of the components, preparation of bill of materials, pricing and coordination of the delivery for a submission of detailed quotations with descriptions, drawings and schematic flow diagrams. Indication of sub-suppliers and submission of commercial quotations are in accordance with the attached commercial conditions.
  3. Our Design is responsible that all calculations and valve design sheets are constructively handled according to applicable requirements, regulations and standards. Simulation of stress tests by computational fluid dynamics and data analysis ensures required operation and are documented in data sheets.
  4. The Manufacturing of the ordered devices includes factory tests and inspections. A list of all inspections and technical acceptance tests are summarized in certificates. These  quality records are approved by the German Technical Inspection  Association. All valves of A-T A-T ARMATUREN-TECHNIK GMBH are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified production facilities. We mention here Babcock Leistungszentrum Oberhausen, Germany among others. Packings such as seaworthy packing shall be provided  when required according to specification.
  5. During Commisioning we offer field services which includes adjustment of actuators, analysis of vulnerabilites or training of local service staff.
  6. The Operation time of at least 25 years is guided by after-sales services wich include maintenance and delivery of spare parts and a closed contact to customers